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Entering the sea on the beach
Entering the sea on the beach
Sutomišćica is a quiet village on Ugljan Island, west of Preko, settled on the eastern side of Sutomišćica Bay (facing Lukoran on the other side of the bay). Excitement for the small Dalmatian place was brought by the opening of Olive Island Marina a couple of years ago. The marina and the developments it came with has meant a growing number of guests in the village, too. Still, comparing with the crowds of vacation makers on the mainland, this little corner of the Zadar archipelago secures a quiet and relaxed holiday.

Sutomišćica offers a well-maintained small beach to its guests. The coast is gravel here with a sandy area above it and the beach is equipped with a sweetwater shower, too.

As Sutomišćica is a small settlement, there are no hotels or other high capacity accommodation units here. One can find accommodation in private apartments and rooms for rent, run by the locals. There is a grocery and a bar on the riva, while next to Villa Lantana a restaurant is open for the hungry and thirsty guests.

Sutomišćica from south
Sutomišćica from south

Olive Island Marina
2013/12/16 11:20

Mala obavijest da se koncesionar Olive Island Marine promjenio te da su izmenjeni neki podatci i web stranica (www.oliveisland-marina.com).

S poštovanjem,
Toni Antišin.

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